Jerry's Cross
Special Order Page
You May use this page for ordering any custom color necklaces or key
chain.  I am able to put up to 3 colors on one cross.

The Price for all custom color necklaces or key chain is $10.00 ea.  

shipping inside the USA.
Custom Color Necklaces and Key Chain
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We Have many wonderful colors to choose from!

Colorful Meanings:
Gold: glory, rightousness
White: bride, purity,holiness
Turquoise: river of God, healing
Red: blood of Jesus, love
Green: praise, prosperity, mercy
Orange: passion, fire, harvest
Blue: grace, holy spirit, truth
Silver: word of God, wisdom
Pink: Messiah, Rose of Sharon
Black: humility
Fuchsia: passion for Jesus, the bridegrooms heart
Key Chain or Zipper Pull
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packaged with a card attached that
includes a scripture and explains
the significance of the elements
that make up the Disciples Cross.
When you go through check out, there is an "optional
Instruction" box.  Please tell me the color for the Top, Middle
and Bottom of each cross ordered.  You may use any of the
colors from our products page.

Go ahead and get one for each member of your Family.

Support our military.

                                 Send a soldier a cross today to show them we are supporting
                                             them and   praying for them and to just say
thank you..